Month: October 2017

Barbell Massacre III WODS!

Hopefully, you guys have been training for those movements we shared a few weeks ago! Here are the WODS for the Barbell Massacre III!!!! So exciting!!!


10min AMRAP

40 box jump overs & 20 DL

Rx: 245/175  24”/24”

Int: 205/145  24”/20”

        Beg: 115/75  20”/20”

Beginner athletes may step up if needed, two feet must make contact with the top of the box before stepping down

Rx and Intermediate athletes must have a two feet take off, and two feet must make contact with the top of the box before coming down.

Hips and knees DO NOT have to fully extend on top of the box.

Step downs are permitted for all divisions

Partners break up reps however they please, but only ONE partner will be working at a time

Partners MUST tag in/out

*SCORED BY: combined reps


Clean Ladder

Rx: Male- 205-225-255-275-295-315

Rx: Female- 135-155-165-175-195-215

Int: Male- 135-155-175-195-205-225

Int: Female- 95-115-125-135-145-155

Beg: Male- 75-95-115-135-145-155

Beg: Female- 55-65-75-85-95-115

Clean or power cleans accepted.

Each team will have 1 minute at each station to each complete 1 clean each. 6 minutes total per team.

There is 15 seconds between each station to transition.

If a lift is failed, or the athlete does not think they will make the lift, they are allowed to then deadlift the weight for additional partial points with the remaining time.

If one partner is successful, that partner is allowed to move on and finish the ladder by himself or herself, but once an athlete misses a clean they are no longer allowed to continue to the next station.

*SCORED BY: combined weight plus partial deadlift points

WOD #3  

“G.I. Jane”

Rx- 100 burpee, chest to bar pull ups

Male- tall bar/ Female- short bar

Int- 100 burpee pull ups

Male- tall bar/ Female- short bar

Beg- 100 burpee knee raises

Male- tall bar/ Female- short bar

Both partners start at the start line behind the rig. On the command go one partner runs to the pull up bar and begins the movement.

If the partners wants to switch out, they must run back to the start line and tag their partner to allow them to start on their reps.

*If needed, the athlete is allowed to use a box to step up to the bar, but must come to a complete dead hang before completing the pull up or knee raise. If a female athlete is too tall for the short bar, she is allowed to use the tall bar.  

*SCORED BY: fastest time


#1: Will be determined by the team with the highest rep count for WOD 1.

#2: If the teams are still tied after using tiebreaker #1, then whichever team has the highest combined points from WOD 2 will win.

#3: If the team is still tied after using tiebreaker #1 and #2, then an additional WOD will be announced the day of the competition, and whichever team has the fasted time will win.

***WODS are subject to change. 

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Time To Sign Up!

Hey you AWESOME guys and gals!!! I know you all have been anxious to get signed up for the Barbell Massacre III, that CFD will be hosting December 2, 2017. Here’s the link:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! We are super stoked for this competition!

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