Month: December 2017

Due to inclement weather, today, Friday, December 8, CFD will open for one wod at 4 p.m.

If you can’t make it, here’s an at-home version of Filthy 50:

50 burpees
50 air squats
50 sit-ups
50 alternating lunges
50 glute bridges
50 v-ups
50 2-count mountain climbers
50 superman pulses
50 tricep dips — use coffee table, kitchen chair, etc.
50 jumping jacks

Post time to comments!

Stay tuned for info about tomorrow.

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It’s here y’all!!! We all have been waiting/ preparing/ training, and TODAY IS THE DAY!!! We are SUPER STOKED about today’s competition! Good luck to all of you that are competing, and please know that CrossFit Dahlonega is happy you are joining us! Welcome, now GO THROW DOWN!

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Please take a moment and check out all of our sponsors for the Barbell Massacre III! They all provide excellent products and services! We couldn’t do any of this without their generosity!

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